Royal Roofing is an industry leader in the field of safety. First and foremost Royal employs a full-time Safety Director that oversees more than eight safety and quality field inspectors.

royal roofing safety

We are in constant adherence to the OSHA and MIOSHA regulations for jobsite safety. Many of the customers we work for, including the big three, require stringent safety guidelines. Prior to the beginning of any project our safety director will perform a pre-task analysis of any potential safety issues that may arise on the project. All potential safety issues are written into the pre-construction documents that are reviewed with the roofing crew.

Royal Roofing has a current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.53. This low EMR benefits the owner two-fold; indicating a very small chance of a safety incident and, as a result of lower insurance costs to Royal, a lower cost for roofing.

Mandated by OSHA laws, Royal Roofing maintains safety logs for all safety incidents throughout the year. These logs are available for review by our customers.